Thank you for checking out our introduction course for better sleep. We’re proud to say that we’ve made this together with one of the industry’s leading sleep coaches, Martin Reed, MEd, CHES®, CCSH, from InsomniaCoach.com.

首先感谢您关注我们为了更好睡眠的介绍课程。我们同来自InsomniaCoach.com的业内领先的睡眠教练Martin Reed, MEd, CHES®, CCSH一起开创了这个课程。

Martin Reed’s knowledge and experience within the field of sleep and insomnia, combined with Sleep Cycle’s decade long presence in analysing and interpreting sleep data, form the foundation for what you’re about to experience.

Martin Reed在睡眠和失眠方面的经验和知识结合Sleey Cycle数十年对睡眠数据的分析,将为您的体验奠定基础。

You should know that no matter your situation, you’re capable of quality rest. Don’t believe anything else.


Each month, thousands of Sleep Cycle users have some kind of challenge with sleep. It’s not uncommon that even conditions such as insomnia, depend to some extent on habitual factors. In some cases, circumstances play a larger role. You could be in pain, approaching menopause or live with anxiety. Or you’re at your wit’s end with life’s puzzle, juggling kids, work, family, spouse, maybe grief and whatever else that demands your attention. To just shape up, isn’t always the solution and certainly not something you want to hear on repeat, like a broken vinyl that just keeps scratching.

每个月,成千上万的Sleep Cycle用户在睡眠方面有挑战。即使是失眠等疾病,也在某种程度上取决于习惯性因素,这种情况并不少见。在某些情况下,情况起着更大的作用。你可能很痛苦,接近更年期或生活在焦虑中。或者你正处于人生难题的尽头,顽皮的孩子,工作,家庭,配偶,也许是悲伤以及任何其他需要你注意的事情。只是塑造,并不总是解决方案,当然也不是你想重复听到的东西,就像一个坏掉的黑胶唱片不断刮擦。

You should know that no matter your situation, you’re capable of quality rest.

But even if your condition is more dire, the stuff we’ll introduce are things within your power to change. Maybe all of them. Maybe just some. But they’ll all play a part, and you’re in control of how, because you got the leading role.


These exercises will bring you closer to better sleep, and the knowledge is there to provide context. Some of these will be longer, some will be shorter. A few will be very short.


All in all, there will be fourteen of them and by the last one, you’ll be equipped with new skills and empowered to improve your sleep situation.


To fulfil our promise to you, we require one thing back. Your commitment. Our advice will only work if you’re serious about changing your situation. You don’t have to appreciate it. We don’t expect you to like it. You just need to accept that right now, your sleep can improve. You have the control to make it happen.

Our advice will only work if you’re serious about changing your situation.

This kind of acceptance isn’t something that easily slides into place. It’s not a turnkey solution. It’s simply a state, in which you’ve decided that you’re ready to change. With this acceptance, comes confidence. With confidence, you take back control. You’re here, after all, one step closer to better sleep.


But let’s put this in practice already.

Tonight, no matter when you go to bed, if it takes you awhile to fall asleep, if you wake up in the middle of the night, if you get up much too early – just go with it. For now, it is what it is.
今晚,无论你什么时候上床睡觉,如果你需要一段时间才能入睡,如果你在半夜醒来,如果你起得太早 - 那就顺其自然吧。就目前而言,它就是这样。

So you’re awake. Fine. You’re set to change this now.

Can’t fall asleep? That’s okay. Cause you’re working on it.
Already up? No worries. You’ll own this soon.

As we said, you don’t have to appreciate it. You only have to commit to change. And now, you got Sleep Cycle and Martin Reed with you. Your sleep issues won’t know what hit them. See you tomorrow.
正如我们所说,您不必感激它。你只需要承诺改变。现在,你有睡眠周期和Martin Reed和你在一起。你的睡眠问题不会知道是什么击中了他们。明天见。
Sincerely yours, Sleep Cycle with Martin Reed from Insomnia Coach®


No matter your situation right now, even if it’s of the more dire kind, you’re capable of better sleep. Accept your situation with sleep and leave it at that. For now, it is what it is. That’s what you’re set to change.
Stay true and committed to this course, and you’ll be on your way to restful and restorative sleep when this is over.